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List of Abbreviations

Unmarked Main Entry POS Grammar Forms Translation(s) Theme(s) Unit Episode
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Unmarked Main Entry POS Grammar Forms Translation(s) Theme(s) Unit Episode

List of Abbreviations

Abreviation Full Form
abbr. abbreviation
acc. accusative
adj. adjective
adv. adverb
coll. colloquial
comp. comparative
conj. conjunction
dat. dative
dem. demonstrative
dim. diminutive
exclm. exclamation
fem. feminine
frml. formal
fut. future tense
gen. genitive
imp! imperative
impf. imperf.
indecl. indeclinable
indef. indefinite
infrml. informal
instr. instrumental
interj. interjection
interr. interrogative
irreg. irregular
masc. masculine
neut. neuter
nom. nominative
noun noun
num. number
ord. ordinal
part. participle
particle particle
past past tense
pl. plural
poss. possessive
prep. prepositional
pres. present tense
perf. perfective
pron. pronoun
prp. preposition
prs. person
rel. relative
sg. singular
shrt. adj. short form adjective
superl. superlative
verb verb
verb. adv. verbal adverb (деепричастие)